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What is the Elam Ending? 

Elam Ending

with nick elam

The Elam Ending is the best kind of innovation – both practical and cool. And it’s the future of basketball.

The Elam Ending makes the great sport of basketball even greater, not by changing the sport, but by doing the opposite – preserving a more natural and exciting style of play through the end of every game.

In a nutshell, the Elam Ending calls for the first part of a game to be played with a clock, and the last part of a game to be played without a clock. 

This elegant concept has proven to address what we don’t enjoy about late-game play (fouling, stalling, predictable outcomes, etc.), and enhance what we do enjoy (athleticism, thrilling finishes, and wild celebrations). 

The Elam Ending has won over old-school and new-school thinkers, basketball lifers and casual fans alike, at the NBA All-Star Game, TBT: The Basketball Tournament, and countless leagues and events throughout the world.

About Dr. Nick elam


Career-long educator (math teacher, athletic director, principal, professor)


Since 2007, has followed a dream of revolutionizing the great sport of basketball (through a concept now known as the Elam Ending)


Now shares his inspirational message of persistence and positive thinking as a speaker in various settings, particularly schools.


Shares his expertise in math and education as a tutor and mentor to individual students.


Consults with schools, businesses, and sports entities seeking to innovate.

what They’re Saying

Client testimonials

“Nick’s talk about the evolution and launch of the Elam Ending is an inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and an inspiration to anyone who’s ever had a big idea. Nick’s tenacity to pursue something that would seem impossible to most serves as motivation to anyone of any age to chase their dream.”

Krystal Geyer, Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurship Center, Ball State University

“Upon entering our high school, Dr. Elam immediately engaged students and did so in a way that all students could grasp and connect to in a personal way. He was also patient and detailed in answering all of their questions. His visit was thought provoking and many students commented on his visit being an important moment they remember from this year. The message he delivered stuck.”

Andrew L. High School Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

“I think the Elam Ending idea is very cool, and there are some important lessons in your story such as how to respond to adversity and stay persistent!”

Sarah, High School Student


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